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            Law Office of James M. Hoffmann Articles The Average Workers Compensation Settlement For Back Injuries

            The Average Workers Compensation Settlement For Back Injuries

            By James Hoffmann  Jan. 28, 天津福彩网app官方下载 10:12a

            According to a survey conducted by Lawyers.com, injured workers who file a claim for receive, on average, a , which is slightly higher than the average of all types of injuries, estimated at $21,800.

            Moreover, the survey also mentions that of all injured workers who’ve filed a claim of back injuries, 74% of them received compensation in the end, either because they reached a settlement voluntarily or they took matters in front of a judge. Around 26%, however, did not receive any compensation.

            Is That How Much You’ll Get?

            Not necessarily. To know how much compensation you are in for, it’s important to know how to calculate your settlement, or what goes into it.

            But first, understand there is a difference between benefits and settlement. Your worker's comp benefits are being rewarded continuously, usually per week as you continue your medical treatment and the insurance company covers the costs. The settlement, however, signals that the case is about to be closed, meaning you will get one last sum of money.

            After that, the insurance company is no longer responsible for paying for your , so if your condition gets worse, you will have to cover the costs yourself. Therefore, please speak to a St. Louis workers compensation lawyer before you accept any settlement.

            To calculate the value of the settlement, you need to take into account:

            • The extent of your injuries, and how they affect your life

            • If you can return to work or need to switch jobs

            • If you have a permanent disability

            • The wages you had prior to the injury

            Why Speak With a Lawyer?

            Apart from your wages, which can provide a definite number, the other factors that go into your settlement calculation are debatable. In a way, you are forced to put a price on your pain and suffering.

            settlements are awarded when the employer has reached maximum medical improvement, meaning their injuries can no longer be improved by any medical treatment. But these injuries may have another effect on the worker other than physical, and the law believes workers comp should cover these as well.

            Settlements are often reached through negotiations. Each side presents a figure, and there is a back and forth until both parties agree. Because of this, it’s in your best interest to have an experienced St. Louis work injury lawyer negotiate the settlement on your behalf. Whether or not your settlement will be close to the greatly depends on your case, and how much the injuries affected your quality of life.

            Do not ignore back discomfort or injuries, as they rarely go away on their own. Seek medical attention at once and reach out to a St. Louis workers comp attorney for legal advice on how to get compensation for your injuries.

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