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            The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C. Articles A Snow Plow Hit My Car: Who Pays for My Injuries?

            A Snow Plow Hit My Car: Who Pays for My Injuries?

            By Christopher Hoffmann  Jan. 21, 天津福彩网app官方下载 10:05a

            As more snow is to be expected in the Northern side of the US, involving snow plows start to be reported. If you find yourself in that situation and you have suffered injuries after a snowplow hit your car, here is what you need to know about the following steps.

            Snow Removal 天津福彩网app官方下载 Can Be Public or Private

            If you’ve been part of an accident involving a snowplow, it’s important to find out who is responsible for the damage caused by the utility vehicle. Depending on the road you were on, the snow removal service can be from a private company or from a municipality-owned company.

            Establishing liability will be done as with any other car accident, through hard proof and witness accounts. Going to the doctor as soon as possible and hiring a are the two most important things to do as a victim.

            Depending on the cause of the accident, the liable person can be the operator of the snowplow, or company responsible for the maintenance of the vehicle.

            Your Settlement Depends on the Extent of Your Injuries

            Your settlement will be calculated based on the costs of your medical investigations and treatments, your missed hours of work, the pain, and suffering that’s been inflicted, and the percentage of fault split between you and the snowplow driver (in case you are both at fault).

            So Who Is Paying for Your Expenses?

            You might be surprised to find out that many cases do not end up with a favorable settlement for you, as snowplow drivers have different rules to abide. Municipality snowplow drivers have liability immunity in case of emergency, which is when they are performing their job in response to an emergency situation created by the weather.

            In these circumstances, it all depends on what caused the accident that left you injured. If it was a private contractor that wasn’t operating for the municipality during an emergency situation, you will generally get paid by the private contractor’s insurance company. If it’s a municipality-owned company, the city will likely pay for your expenses.

            If you find out that the snow removal company will not be held responsible for the accident, file a claim to your own insurance company and see what can be covered by it. But before you give up on your personal injury case, make sure you have discussed this with an experienced St. Louis auto accident attorney who can assess if your case would justify a claim. They have all the tools and know-how to ensure your legal rights are protected.

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